National Novel Writing Month (affectionately known as NaNoWriMo) is the most fun you can have for thirty days non-stop.  The aim is simply to get people writing.  I’ve always believed that everyone has at least one story in them, just waiting to be told and NaNo is a great motivator to do just that.  The focus is on the completion of a first draft, instead of a perfectly polished manuscript ready for publication (we’ll have no Inner Editors here!) which hugely helped me to break the cycle of beginning a project to become disheartened with it and, ultimately, abandon it half way through.

I’m a seasoned WriMo and I have a great deal of respect and enthusiasm for the work done by the amazing team at the Office of Letters and Light, all the volunteers and the community that make NaNoWriMo so successful.  I came across the NaNo website in 2009, loved the concept, registered months ahead of November and promptly forgot all about it.  In 2010, I tried again and managed to finish the first draft of my first complete novel-length story, Revenant.  I missed 2011 as I had far too much non-writing stuff going on, but in August 2012, I joined my first Camp NaNo event to begin drafting a sequel.  Since 2010, I’ve taken part in nine NaNo events, occasionally as a rebel to re-write and edit, but mostly with new projects.  So far I’ve managed to reach 50,000 words for each of them.  April 2015 will be my tenth event and I’m aiming for 50,000 words again.