Back Online!

A few months back, during a routine clear out of elderly information and website back ups, my site found itself accidentally deleted and beyond restoration.  It’s taken a while, but it’s finally up and running again!

I’ve spent such a long time working on Revenant, that I’ve decided to do something completely different for this month’s NaNoWriMo event.  The novel and I just need some time apart, to mature and grow, but we’ll work our way back to one another eventually!  I’m still torn between self-publishing and sending it out to the agents I’ve been researching to see if it has merit for traditional publishing, so for the time being I’ll keep exploring my options and hopefully by the time I decide it has been polished enough (if that’s possible – I’m half convinced I could spend the rest of my life polishing and still not be entirely satisfied!), I’ll have an idea of what the future holds for my manuscript.