Monthly Archives: June 2015

Musings from May (and April!)

It’s been a strange couple of months and it’s been a real mixed bag of emotions.  April was absolutely manic, mostly for not so good reasons, and for the first time in the years I’ve been taking part in NaNoWriMo events, I didn’t reach my goal 🙁  I did manage over 25,000 words, which is 25,000 words I didn’t have on April 1st, but I was still disappointed with myself.  I had a great cabin, which quickly grew until it had three sister-cabins and a Facebook group of some 40 odd people, and their support and encouragement was very much appreciated.

At the end of April, I said my goodbyes to my colleagues of the last five years and the following week, I began a twelve month secondment to a completely different service, in a rather different role. While I was incredibly excited, it was also more than a little bit terrifying!  For the last month, I’ve been settling into my new position, getting to know new workmates and figuring out what on earth I’m doing.  While it was initially comforting to know that next April, when the project ends and funding runs out, I would have a job to return to, the last few weeks have flown by at speed and next spring suddenly doesn’t seem quite so far away anymore.  But right now, I’m absolutely loving it.  No two days are quite the same and having the opportunity to utilise my creative skills and my interests in my work is amazing.  I have a long history with the building I’m based in now and my inner five year old has been jumping for joy!  There is an old anchor tucked away on the grounds and it was tradition while I was growing up for my Dad and I to visit in the holidays and take a photograph of me standing beside the anchor.  Somewhere there will be a progression of images of me from being a very little girl right through to my teens and, I think, into my early twenties.  My husband took me to get an updated shot to celebrate my new job, so I think I will have to try to find all of the older pictures so that I can line them up side by side – Sarah through the ages!

But now that I’m settled in, I’m back on track with my writing.  At the moment, I’m writing for fun, playing around with various characters in new situations and seeing what makes them tick.  I’m also on my latest editing kick for Revenant, which I’m determined to get finished this year.  I’m planning a new project for November’s NaNoWriMo, so ideally I want it done and dusted by September so that I can really throw myself into November with a clean slate.  I’ve also been busily researching publishing options and literary agents, so watch this space for a stack of rejection letters!

One final note – as we are officially fourteen minutes into June 6th, it’s my little brother’s 21st birthday 🙂  Happy birthday, kiddo!